The Most Iconic Hot Wheels Motorcycles Ever Made

Since its inception, Hot Wheels has been associated with diecast toy cars that bring out the child in all of us. However, not only do four wheels dominate Hot Wheels motorcycles, but they also have their own niche in the collector’s market. With designs that are quite different from each other and with an amazing level of detail. Get ready to experience the most popular Hot Wheels motorcycles, from the traditional to the futuristic.

A Quick History of Hot Wheels

In 1968, Mattel’s Elliot Handler wanted a toy car superior to Matchbox. He dared his team, including a GM designer, to come up with something faster and flashier. Their answer is the diecast cars based on the muscle car culture in California. These cars featured wide wheels and big bodies, and some of them had rather daring designs. Hot Wheels, which was created that year, became immensely popular. They broke the mold, the fan favorites that continue to capture hearts, and the rare gems that collectors chase. Today, Hot Wheels is a toy car for kids and a collectible for adults, a brand that has gone far beyond the generation that started it.

Hot Wheels Tomb Raider Angelina Jolie Motorcycle

Hot Wheels Tomb Raiders Angelina Jolie Motorcycle

This motorcycle hit the stores in the early 2000s, riding the wave of the Tomb Raider video game series and the movies starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. With its rough look, twin exhaust pipes, and machine gun on the handlebar, the bike embodied Lara’s adventurous nature.

Hot Wheels W-Oozie

Hot Wheels W-Oozie

The W-Oozie was not your conventional motorcycle; it was a genuine curiosity from the 1970s. This wild creation looked like a futuristic insect with a large round body, thin legs, and one large wheel. Even though the W-Oozie looked quite strange, it became quite popular among toy collectors due to its complete oddity.

Hot Wheels Jiffy Lube Motorcycle

Hot Wheels Jiffy Lube Motorcycle

This was not just a motorcycle released in the 1990s but a mobile billboard! Hot Wheels also designed a motorcycle in collaboration with the Jiffy Lube oil change company; the motorcycle has a yellow and blue color scheme with the Jiffy Lube logo. It is not the most collectible bike, but it symbolizes Hot Wheels’ past as a company experimenting with interesting collaborations.

Hot Wheels Pit Cruiser

Hot Wheels Pit Cruiser

Think of a motorcycle created with the racetrack pit crew in mind—that’s the Pit Cruiser! This utilitarian machine has been released in different versions over the years and has a sidecar for tools and supplies, ideal for diecast pit crews to change a model car’s tire quickly.

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