Unveiling the World of Candy Cars Die-Cast Models

Have you ever dreamt of a world where your favorite candy turned into a happy model? Today, we are lifting the lid off this interesting segment of the collectible world. In this article, we will look at the origin of die-cast models and focus on the candy car models. Thus, for all the car lovers and those with a weakness for sweets, here is the world of Candy Cars.

The Quick History of Die-Cast Model

The die-cast models zoomed into existence after World War I, applying the war’s innovations in metal casting to produce miniature cars. The first ones were basic and were constructed from lead and later from zinc alloys that are safer to use. Some of the earliest brands that were in the market included Dinky Toys which provided sets of different vehicles. The golden age of die-cast was during the 1950s and the 1960s. Companies like Corgi incorporated features like doors and interiors and the ‘Spectraflame’ paint finish with a shiny candy-like appearance. These advancements together with the post-war economic growth stimulated a passionate collector market which is still present today.

2013 HW Pop Culture Milky Way Bread Box

2013 HW Pop Culture Milky Way Bread Box

The Pop Culture release in 2013 included a bread box redesigned to look like a race car. It resembled the silver foil of Milky Way chocolate bars, and purple text and a starry night background were used. This die-cast was a perfect blend of both brands and was a fun and creative item for fans of pop culture and car aficionados.

Hot Wheels Skittles Quick D-Livery

Hot Wheels Skittles Quick D-Livery

The Hot Wheels Skittles Quick D-Livery was not your regular delivery van in any way. This bright die-cast had a design based on the candy bag. Its body was shaped like a van and the exterior was painted like candy Skittles with red, orange, yellow, green, purple and pink colors. The toy’s design was fun and appealing and, combined with the Hot Wheels brand, made this a welcome addition to any toy collection.

HW Custom M&M’s VW Drag Bus

HW Custom M&M ‘s VW Drag Bus

This custom Hot Wheels creation was a step up from the already cool VW Drag Bus. The bus was painted in M&M’s style, using red, yellow, and blue to make it look like candies. Extra features such as M&M logos and a chocolate bar spoiler enhanced the game. This special custom die-cast was a treat for those who love M&Ms and old-school drag racing cars.

Matchbox Laffy Taffy 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

Matchbox Laffy Taffy 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500

Matchbox also had a very funny take on the Chevy Silverado with the 2014 Laffy Taffy edition. This die-cast truck was not only red, but it was covered in a Laffy Taffy candy wrapper with jokes tattoos on it. Even the wheels were not left out, with each wheel having a Laffy Taffy joke on it. This Matchbox creation was fun and humorous and was the perfect addition to anyone’s collection, embodying the lightheartedness of Laffy Taffy.

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