Motorcycle Mania on the Big Screen! Iconic Bikes in Movies!

Are you also fond of watching those movie hero zoom-ins sitting on a motorcycle and giving those badass vibes? Yeahh! Us too. There isn’t any doubt to the fact that motorcycles on the bigger screen looks not less than the coolest thing. Their actions scream adventure, thrill, freedom and may be a hint of danger as well. But, let’s be honest, some motorcycles on the big screen are just so legendary. Do you remember Arnold’s epic entrance in Terminator 2 when he entered on his Harley Davidson? Or a futuristic Light cycle in Tron: Legacy? These bikes were enough to steal the show. Right?


Here comes, Loos Cars. If you crave holding those favorite movie rides, we’ve got you covered. From off-road beasts like Hot Wheels Motorcycle to Hot Wheels Boss Hoss Cycle, rev up your imaginations. Get ready to relive your fantasizing and epic movie moments by choosing the right one for you.

Iconic Movie Bikes You Can Own

Hold on to your helmets, car fans! We’re about to take a nostalgic ride through some of cinema’s most famous motorcycles, and guess what? Here at Lose Cars you can own a piece of that movie magic! As mentioned above about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s entry, his Harley wasn’t just a motorcycle but a symbol of power. Do you also crave for that timeless coolness and unstoppable power, here we go.


Look into our collection of classic Matchbox Harley Davidson at the platform of Loose Cars while embracing style. It is created in the same sleek lines and chrome shine that was seen in legendary Arnie’s ride. Are you looking for something beyond just polished chrome? Yes, sometimes the actual thrill lies in the rough terrains just like we’ve all seen Max Rockatansky in Mad Max: Fury Road. If you desire to recreate those high-octane-off-road adventures, you must check out our collection of Hot Wheels Pit Cruiser. Furthermore, this rugged motorcycle boasts knobby tires and a sturdy frame, perfect for tackling any imaginary wasteland or backyard dirt track.

Fun Activities for Movie and Motorcycle Fans

These entertaining activities combine motorbike mayhem with movie magic! Plan a movie marathon with classic motorbike moments. Imagine Bat pod chases from “The Dark Knight” or fearless jumps from “Tron: Legacy’s futuristic light bikes. Then, the real action begins! Give your young performers the opportunity to reenact these events using their Loose Cars motorcycles. Experience high speed chases with our sleek Hot Wheels Street Noz or off-road ready Matchbox H-D FXSTS. So, capture your epic moments with your friends and mates this weekend for a unique and thrilling experience.


Unleash your Inner Movie Stars with Loose Cars

Finally, these were just a glimpse of a movie-inspired motorcycle collection waiting for you at Loose Cars. Our specially designed motorcycle toys will take you straight to your favorite movie scenes. Moreover, our focus is on manufacturing the toys with high-end material for a long lasting companionship. Visit our website and watch out for a few of the fantastic collections by finding your perfect ride and to recreate your own incredible motorcycle collection. Contact us today to grab your favorites in no time.

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