The Coolest Cartoon Car Replicas at Loose Cars

We are sure you must have wished someday about blasting off with Mickey’s classic car or escaping danger with Land Shark. Here at Loose Cars, you will experience cartoon dreams turning into diecast reality. Are you also dreaming of the coolest cartoon cars, from classic options like Hot Wheel Disney 100 Citroen H Van to […]

Motorcycle Mania on the Big Screen! Iconic Bikes in Movies!

Are you also fond of watching those movie hero zoom-ins sitting on a motorcycle and giving those badass vibes? Yeahh! Us too. There isn’t any doubt to the fact that motorcycles on the bigger screen looks not less than the coolest thing. Their actions scream adventure, thrill, freedom and may be a hint of danger […]

Must-Have Ambulance & Fire Truck Toys for All Ages

Do you remember how exciting it was to race around your living room with your coolest Ambulance/fire truck toy? There isn’t any doubt that these sirens and flashing lights have a very special place in our hearts and bring back nostalgia. Right? Here comes, Loose cars where you will find a whole crew of emergency […]

From Classics to Cutting-Edge: A Look at the History of Animal Cars

Are you also a car fan and wonder how these awesome animal cars you love came into being? Animals are a hint of energy, strength, and fun at the same time. Buckle up here in this blog, and we will take a wild ride in the history of animal cars. Let’s examine how these toys […]

Why Movie & TV Car Collectibles are a Must-Have for Enthusiasts

Movies/TV shows are perfect themes for diecast cars. They uniquely capture our imagination and reel us into alternate worlds and eras. The cars form many of the stories, and iconic symbols among fans are making their way to your shelves. Whether it is the minimalistic flash of the Batmobile or the colorful psychedelic paintwork of […]

Reimagine the Road – Enthralling World of Animal Cars

Do you have a deep interest in cars that are not ordinary? For example, Hawk-eyed auto collectors should know that the world of collectible vehicles is not restricted to sleek sports cars or vintage sedans. Indulge yourself in the mesmerizing kingdom of animal cars, where diecast cars change into animals that amuse people.     […]

Racing Up Your Collection – Burrowing Into Cartoons Cars At Loose Cars.

Are you a fan of cartoon cars like Killer Croc Bassline or Lightning McQueen? Then, Loose Cars is the ultimate place for finding treasures from the world of animated automotive adventures. Whether you are a nostalgic collector and want to get your childhood favorite or a seasoned hobbyist looking for that rare, elusive piece, we […]

A Celebration of Americana: Collectibles that Tell a Story

America is a country filled with history and innovation. Across its vast lands, diverse cultures have created an individuality evident in what we make and keep as treasures. At Loose Cars, we are excited about America, which is well expressed in our range of American-themed collectibles.             Our “American” category […]

Why We Love Lowrider Toy Cars


When you consider your favorite toy cars, what comes to mind? These awesome, zoom-able low-rider toys. They mean so much more than just being toys. They take us to past times, much like time machines. What Was Our Childhood Like? The cars are not mere versions of normal vehicles; they transport us back to a […]

Going Down the Memory Lane with Fast and Furious Nissan Skyline Toy Car


Isn’t there something so weird about owning a simple toy car and it can take you back in time? It triggers a flood of memories and emotions. We know exactly how that feels. That is why Loose Cars exist. For many, the Fast and Furious movie means a lot, it makes them feel connected to […]