Did you Know Hot Wheels Made Custom Cars?

Since its release in 1968 and becoming a household name, Hot Wheels cars have both portrayed real, historical, and fictional inspired cars. However, for true fans and collectors out there, Hot Wheel has created a Custom Cars Collection. These pieces feature wild paint schemes, outrageous spoilers, slammed suspensions, chrome, and everything else.

Adding details and making them more elaborate involves engine swaps and body modifications. The goal is to create one-of-a-kind cars, showcasing creativity and car passion. There’s a whole community online sharing ideas and techniques for customizing Hot Wheels cars.

Hot Wheels Custom the Walking Dead VW Bus

Here is a little love for Walking Dead fans and Hot Wheel collectors with the Walking Dead theme VW Bus. This includes typical regular Hot Wheels VW Bus and decking it out with imagery from the show. Imagine the classic bus with splattered paint, barbed wire details, and maybe even character faces. Collectors and Walking Dead fans prize these unique creations. This might be what your collection is missing.

Hot Wheels Custom Ferrari 312P

Hot Wheels didn’t produce a custom Ferrari 312P themselves, but these classic toy cars are popular for customization projects. Collectors love the sleek design of the original 1970s Hot Wheels 312P, especially the “Redlines” with their red-rimmed wheels. Customizers take these as a base and unleash their creativity. This could involve new paint jobs, racing decals, spoilers, or even lowered suspensions. The aim is to make the car look even more race-ready or give it a unique, personalized touch.

Hot Wheels Custom Batmobile

Hot Wheels doesn’t offer a custom Batmobile line, but there are two ways to get your hands on a one-of-a-kind Batmobile. Firstly, the Limited Edition Batmobiles are officially released by Hot Wheels. These Batmobiles are inspired by different movies, TV shows, or comics–and can have unique features or paint schemes, offering a collector-worthy twist on the classic Batmobile. Secondly, many fans want to change the Bat mobile’s iconic design. This is done by taking regular Hot Wheels Batmobiles and transforming them. It features a matte black finish, glowing green accents replicating headlights, and even tiny batarangs strapped to the roof. These personalized Batmobiles are labors of love for passionate fans.

Hot Wheels Custom the Simpsons the Homer


The Hot Wheels Custom The Simpsons the Homer was officially released in 2014 for The Simpsons line. However, the devoted fans took it upon themselves to transform this outlandish humor into high gear. Featuring a monstrous vehicle that mashes together a classic muscle car with Homer’s bottomless love for donuts. Turning it into a supercharged ride with flames blasting out the exhaust and maybe even a sprinkle-covered paint job. It’s a wild and wacky tribute to Homer and a true standout in any Hot Wheels collection, especially for Simpsons enthusiasts.

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