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Matchbox has been in the diecast models and toy industry for a long time, creating some of the most memorable pieces and collections, one of them being the construction vehicles collection. For decades, it has fueled the imagination of adult collectors and children alike, all while offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of construction. Here today, we will talk about fan-favorite pieces for this collection, highlighting some iconic models and toys that you add to your collection.

Matchbox Bulldozer CL7000 Equipment

This piece was introduced in the 1960s, with Matchbox starting its parade in 1953. With construction vehicles joining their roster, they quickly became one of the earliest and the most beloved pieces in Matchbox’s archive. This chunky bulldozer, with its bright yellow paint and powerful blade embodies the spirit of construction in a child’s hands.

Matchbox Superfast Crane Truck

Cranes are some of the most recognizable construction vehicles in the world, making Matchbox release one in their collection.”Matchbox Superfast Crane Truck” Introduced in the 1970s, this crane truck features a red and yellow color scheme, allowing for imaginative play. By reaching new heights on miniature construction sites, you can now add this to your collection.

Matchbox Peterbilt

No construction is completed with the help of trusted Peterbilt, Matchbox provides a replica of this iconic American truck brand. “Matchbox Peterbilt” These detailed models became the collection’s mainstay, featuring moving parts. With its real-life counterpart’s essence captured in this miniature, you add it to your collection.

Matchbox Articulated Truck

These die-cast miniatures typically feature a joining section allowing the cab to turn sharply. This enables them to navigate tight corners, just like their real-life counterparts hauling massive cargo. Matchbox has produced a wide variety of articulated trucks over the years, “Matchbox Articulated Truck” from classic tankers and cement mixers to dump trucks and even horse trailers. Their small size and functionality make them perfect for playtime adventures, recreating these big rigs’ vital role in our world.

The Matchbox CAT Skidder

Soon, Matchbox decided to expand its construction collection, and they introduced Matchbox CAT Skidder. This miniature model featured the instantly recognizable Caterpillar yellow, which represented the world of logging and forestry. The addition of the skidder showcased their commitment to making detailed replicas of the diverse range of vehicles. Allow you to add this world addition into your building collection.

Start your collection today

These were just a few examples of many iconic die-cast models that made the construction era of Matchbox models, from the early model of bulldozers to the advanced and recognizable cranes. These vehicles have sparked a love for construction throughout generations.

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