Piece of Preserved History Made Cooler by Hot Wheels

For over 50 years, Hot Wheels has captured the image of car culture, and the Hot Rod Collection is a prime example. These miniature hot rods zoom you back to a time of chrome, flames, and roaring engines. Featuring iconic muscle cars like the ’32 Ford and the ’70 Pontiac Firebird, each car is meticulously […]

Did you Know Hot Wheels Made Custom Cars?

Since its release in 1968 and becoming a household name, Hot Wheels cars have both portrayed real, historical, and fictional inspired cars. However, for true fans and collectors out there, Hot Wheel has created a Custom Cars Collection. These pieces feature wild paint schemes, outrageous spoilers, slammed suspensions, chrome, and everything else. Adding details and […]

You are missing out on Matchbox Construction collection

Matchbox has been in the diecast models and toy industry for a long time, creating some of the most memorable pieces and collections, one of them being the construction vehicles collection. For decades, it has fueled the imagination of adult collectors and children alike, all while offering a glimpse into the fascinating world of construction. […]

Top 4 Must-Have Die-Cast Cartoon Cars Models

Watching cartoon cars racing around our screens has been a magical experience for many children and sometimes adults. So, what if you could have one shrunken and placed in your hands? Anyone would be pleased to have their hands on one, whether it was capturing your imagination or piquing your interest. This is where die-cast […]

7 Cool Army Vehicle Toys Under 10$

Hello, all mini-military masterminds! Have you ever dreamed of building an epic and exciting battle scene with your friends but feel short on cash? Don’t worry, folks! We’ve got your back. This guide will mention the seven best army vehicle toys under 10 dollars to fuel your imagination. So, what are you waiting for? Take […]

Why is Honda also called Acura? 

Have you ever double-taken at a sleek Acura cruising down the highway? Did you know that it is part of the Honda Family? Sit back as we peel back the layers and explain why Honda has a luxury twin. You will see the rise of Acura and how it cured the niche for itself. So, […]

The Legacy of BMW in Loose Car Form!

Are you also looking forward to a nostalgic ride down memory lane? Look no further than Loose Car’s incredible and stunning collection of BMW car models. Whether you are looking for an iconic BMW M3 tearing up the racetrack or a legendary BMW 2002 from an era, we have everything. Our collection is filled with […]

The Coolest Cartoon Car Replicas at Loose Cars

We are sure you must have wished someday about blasting off with Mickey’s classic car or escaping danger with Land Shark. Here at Loose Cars, you will experience cartoon dreams turning into diecast reality. Are you also dreaming of the coolest cartoon cars, from classic options like Hot Wheel Disney 100 Citroen H Van to […]

Motorcycle Mania on the Big Screen! Iconic Bikes in Movies!

Are you also fond of watching those movie hero zoom-ins sitting on a motorcycle and giving those badass vibes? Yeahh! Us too. There isn’t any doubt to the fact that motorcycles on the bigger screen looks not less than the coolest thing. Their actions scream adventure, thrill, freedom and may be a hint of danger […]