What Is the History Behind Diecast Cars?

Diecast cars have been around almost as long as real cars—the earliest model cars were in functionality from the 1800s. It’s crazy, isn’t it? Who would’ve thought that these diecast cars have been in demand for so long? Do you know how model trains were so popular in the 19th century? Similarly, miniature models have also been grabbing attention through the decades. We’re also excited to explore the history of these diecast cars as much as you. Let’s dig in!

Pioneers Of Diecast Model Cars

While there were many vintage cars around the world in the 19th century, the emergence of model cars as we know them today actually began in the early 1900s. What’s even crazier is that a new technique for die-casting metal emerged during World War I. After the war, early automakers reinvented the technology and used it to create small cars with detail and accuracy. One of the most memorable toy stores of the time was Dinky Toys, which resold some of the first challenging toys, including toy cars, trucks, tractors, and more.

The Model Car Arms Race

Dinky Toys is the pioneer of model cars and has kept on emerging in the industry. Soon after, other notable companies also started innovating with their type of diecast cars, and the response was remarkable. It was still possible for people to get a hold of a variety of the model vehicles of their original brand cars. For collectors especially, it was a dream come to life.

Corgi Toys entered the market by selling model cars with glass and plastic windows. This feature, which is now indispensable for model cars, is so interesting that it has brought the Corgi Toy Company to the top of the market. Shortly after that, Lesney Products introduced the Matchbox car. These models are small enough to fit into a competition box, making them affordable and widely available to consumers.

This is how the introduction of so many new brands and features started a toy manufacturer arms race. It created a loud buzz in the history of diecast cars. At the same time, the post-industrial boom made the 1950s and 1960s the perfect place for the toy industry to expand. Hence, diecast cars are now enjoying wide popularity around the world with the latest advancements in techniques and features.

Model Car Collections

It was shocking to witness the massive drop in diecast car sales in the 70s and 80s precisely. The reason behind this was the introduction of video games, electronic cars, and other entertainment devices. There’s no doubt that model cars will remain a timeless treat to kids, but over the years, the craze has shifted more to adults. Now, collectors, car enthusiasts, and hobbyists are more into them.

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