What is the Most Expensive Diecast Car Ever Sold?


For the longest time, Diecast cars have a long and fascinating history that spans over a century. Yes, a century. It has been one of the best and closest ways for people to remind themselves of their childhood. The origins of the diecast cars go back to the early 20th century when companies like Dinky Toys and Tootsie Toy began small, mental toy cars.

Which one is one of the most popular diecast car brands? Hot Wheels.

Diecast vehicles are extremely valuable miniature versions of real cars. Similarly, they have been coming out for more than a hundred years. They are available in an extensive variety of designs and sizes, including classic, modern, race, and vintage automobiles. Yes, they had a wide range of choices from which to choose. As a result, they made one of the greatest collections ever and sent shockwaves around the globe.

Due to their rarity, Diecast cars have for years captured the interest of collectors. Furthermore, some are worth more than others, and some collectors are searching for unique items to include in their holdings.

The Most Expensive Diecast Car Ever Sold

Have you ever heard of the Hot Wheels “Beach Bomb”; it was the most expensive diecast car in the world. Similarly, collectors love it. Additionally, this model came out in 1969 as a part of the Hot Wheels series. And, people went crazy over it. Moreover, it was set to be more versatile and able to tackle different terrains. Furthermore, all of these cars came out with a theme, this one, in particular, had a surf theme, which is why it’s the “Beach Bomb”.

Why Is It So Valuable?

The Diecast brand came out with two prototypes. Similarly, one of them had a focus on stability. On the other hand, the other one came with a unique design, which became the most valuable diecast car in the world. Hence, it has surfboards coming out of the window in the back. What makes it more valuable? The pink color.

Can you guess how much the “Beach Bomb” prototype was sold for? For about $72,000. This amount gave this collectible the most valuable diecast car in the world title. And, an update for the collectors of today, this is still one of the most valuable diecast cars in the world. Therefore, their value is set to increase even more, and it is worth over $100,000.

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