Why is Honda also called Acura? 

Have you ever double-taken at a sleek Acura cruising down the highway? Did you know that it is part of the Honda Family? Sit back as we peel back the layers and explain why Honda has a luxury twin. You will see the rise of Acura and how it cured the niche for itself. So, prepare to look into the history of iconic and fiery models, including Hot Wheels ’98 Honda Prelude or rugged Matchbox Honda Ridgeline—2007. Keep reading to know the fascinating story behind it.

Who’s Behind the Acura Badge?

“Eureka!” might be the response. Acura, founded in 1986, was Honda’s calculated entry into the burgeoning premium automobile market. Honda is renowned for producing dependable and fuel-efficient daily drivers. Still, Acura delivers a higher-end ride with more potent engines, opulent interiors, and an emphasis on cutting-edge technology. Thus, remember that the reliable Honda you know and love is closely related to the opulent Acura you see on the road.

Does Honda Make Acura? Who Owns Acura?

Have you ever wondered why both Honda and Acura zoom down the highway? You will get a surprise by the answer. These brands churn out impressive vehicles catering to different segments of the automotive landscape. So, you might be thinking, what is their surprising connection? Right?  In the 1980s, the Japanese government limited the number of cars automakers could export to the U.S. This created an opportunity for Honda.

By launching a luxury brand, they could export more profitable vehicles and tap into a growing market segment. Thus, Acura was born in 1986, becoming the first Japanese luxury car brand. The success of Acura, particularly with the Legend model, spurred competition from other Japanese carmakers like Toyota and Nissan, which launched their luxury brands soon after. Interestingly, many Acura cars are actually assembled alongside Hondas in the Marysville, Ohio, manufacturing plant.

Differentiating Acura from Honda

While both of these cars might share the road, they offer different driving experiences, which will help you distinguish between them. Acura offers a premium driving experience with luxurious features. It has sleek curves and an elegant interior. If you are a die-hard fan of Acura, you can look at our collection of the Hot Wheels Premium Project Cars 2 Acura NSX GT3. Moreover, Acura promises a more boastful performance engine that can be built for a more exhilarating ride.

Imagine the power of the classic Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Honda S2000, which focuses on fuel efficiency, unlike many other Honda models. It provides a more dynamic driving experience, especially for those who crave excitement. On the other hand, Acura’s customer service and dealerships reflect the brand’s luxurious image. This offers the personalized and upscale experience you have always wished for. You can use our Honda/Acura collection at decent prices.

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