Why Movie & TV Car Collectibles are a Must-Have for Enthusiasts

Movies/TV shows are perfect themes for diecast cars. They uniquely capture our imagination and reel us into alternate worlds and eras. The cars form many of the stories, and iconic symbols among fans are making their way to your shelves. Whether it is the minimalistic flash of the Batmobile or the colorful psychedelic paintwork of the Mystery Machine, these cars are imprinted on your subconscious. Owning a part of those memories is a dream come true for collectors. The treasure trove of all those movie/TV cars with an appeal that is sure to turn your shelf into a silver screen.

Among these are classic cars, appealing to all ages of fans—from the nostalgic collector of children’s favorites, including the TMNT Party Wagon and the Disney 100 Hiway Hauler, to adult fans of movies with the latest hot rides in film, like The Mandalorian’s Dodge A100 and the Fast & Furious’s Jeep Gladiator.

Beyond the Mainstream








From classics to the most selective of enthusiasts, our collection goes beyond what’s readily available in even the most mainstream market. That rare Disney Dream Van or intriguing Captain Terror Silver adds some spicing to our collection. Such focus on quality assures that every collectible is in pristine condition, carefully preserved to capture even the real essence of the vehicle. Be it a classic car in mint condition or a modern model shaping the latest movie released, these collectibles are made to be timeless.

More Than Cars

The category includes more than just the four-wheelers. From iconic characters to being produced on a minuscule scale to align with your favorite programs, such as Thomas the Tank Engine.

Building Up Your Perfect Collection:

The “Movie/TV Cars” section is updated, daily, to be precise. So you have all the space and time to venture further and get yourself that collection you have been dreaming of. If it turns out that what you want is not on the site, ask us. And out of our commitment to ensuring that our customers have the best service, we will most likely get that particular item on your mind.

From Silver Screen to Home Shelf

Whether you are a movie enthusiast, a television fan, or adore cars, movie/TV cars are one fascinating genre. If that theme heads your list for a search of collectible vehicles, just come to Loose Cars. You have found the best place to start your way into collecting. Or rounding up these last items that somehow were missing from your collection.

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