A Celebration of Americana: Collectibles that Tell a Story

America is a country filled with history and innovation. Across its vast lands, diverse cultures have created an individuality evident in what we make and keep as treasures. At Loose Cars, we are excited about America, which is well expressed in our range of American-themed collectibles.







Our “American” category holds many items that bring nostalgia, remind people of the old times, and reflect on current realities. As a lover of antiques or for those looking for something extraordinary towards Americana home touches, we have you sorted with Matchbox ’70 El Camino, ’63 Studebaker, and more.

Die-Cast Cars

Relive your past days with our selection of vintage and contemporary die-cast cars. These miniatures like Police Copper Stopper capture the essence of famous American automobiles, whether muscle cars that zipped down highways or family cars people remember fondly.

Classic Muscle Car Mania

For movie buffs, there are even diecast recreations of iconic movie cars, like The Mandalorian 70 Chevelle Delivery. This diecast allows you to own a piece of cinematic history and relive the thrill of your favorite on-screen moments.

Exploring the American Automotive Landscape









American car culture extends far beyond the muscle cars. Loose Cars brag a diverse selection of diecast models representing various American automotive industry segments. For instance, diecast enthusiasts can find intricate replicas of workhorses like the 100 Hiway Hauler, a testament to the power and functionality of American trucks. Drag racing lovers can delve into the world of high-performance vehicles with the Drag Strip Demons ’33 Willys, a diecast that captures the essence of adrenaline-pumping drag strip action.

Military Memorabilia

Our collection of American military memorabilia honors all those men and women who put their lives at risk for our nation’s sake. Our diecast cars symbolize these individuals’ sacrifices and depict the legacy of Americans serving their country without a doubt.

A Collector’s Paradise







For seasoned collectors seeking unique additions to their cherished collections, Loose Cars offers a treasure trove of vintage and rare diecast cars. From the timeless elegance of a Hot Wheels ’40 Ford to the historical significance of an ERTL 1969 Dodge Daytona, these diecast models hold a special place in the hearts of collectors.

A Glimpse into American History

You must check out the American category at least once at Loose Cars. We’re sure you’ll amazed to see the collection and surprise yourself or someone you love. New items keep pouring in daily, so something continually defines America and makes you addicted to collecting.

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