Racing Up Your Collection – Burrowing Into Cartoons Cars At Loose Cars.

Are you a fan of cartoon cars like Killer Croc Bassline or Lightning McQueen? Then, Loose Cars is the ultimate place for finding treasures from the world of animated automotive adventures. Whether you are a nostalgic collector and want to get your childhood favorite or a seasoned hobbyist looking for that rare, elusive piece, we have a wide variety of meticulously cared-for cartoon car collectibles ready to zoom into your collection.

Beyond Blister Packs

Loose Cars, however, specializes in “loose” products, meaning they do not come with their original packaging as most stores do. Although some collectors may think it’s strange, but you can have more items on your shelves at reasonable prices. Here’s the thing: nearly all of our loose cartoon cars are in mint condition. We regularly specify any deviations or exceptions to conditions in our product descriptions.

A World Full of Animated Wheels






Most notably, our cartoon car collection is an intricate selection of characters from celebrated animated movies, TV shows, and video games. Therefore, get into Disney/Pixar’s beloved “cars” series featuring such memorable characters as Lightning McQueen, who is full of fire, and Spongebob, who is ever dependable— among others like them. Likewise, speaking about Looney Tunes, one cannot miss Peanuts ’56 Ford F-100 Panel and their never-ending chasing after.

Road Runner






For those lovers of classic cartoons, we have vintage cartoon cars, including Pink Panther ’50 Ford, Daffy Firetruck, and Rex Rider–the famous vehicle owned by The Flintstones’ family since time immemorial – all these will take you back in time if you need a particular character in mind or wish to choose one by browsing through several photos that make your heart skip a beat then check out what we have right now.

The Rarity Factor

So, there is a selection of rare and limited-edition cartoon car collectibles for collectors with a sharp eye for the unusual at Loose Cars. These exceptional treasures, often discontinued from particular lines or used as part of promotional campaigns, will give your collection an air of exclusivity.

Beyond Cars

Although our name suggests cars, our dedication far extends into the monarchy of four-wheeled vehicles. We also offer other transportation-themed characters in our category for cartoon collectibles, such as iconic trucks, bus, and even tractor! Are you one of those diehard fans or just someone who loves animated vehicles? Then Loose Cars is your destination.

The Advantage of Loose Cars

When it comes to collectibles, trust and transparency are necessary. In addition to impeccable service, we take every precaution when packing our collectibles so they get to you safely. In addition, we ship fast and charge only actual shipping costs – no hidden fees, no surprises.

Join the Family of Loose Cars

So, look no further than Loose Cars if you are enthusiastic about cartoon cars or animated transportation memorabilia. Browse through all new items or find some hidden treasure. Join us as a collector, for this is what you’ve been interested in forever.

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